The LIFE heritage of Women

Join us in our work to bring everyone back to remembering how important women are in life, personally and culturally: for the home, for the village, the city and the nation.



This project

Gives greater visibility to the contribution women make to the social architecture of our world, to their roles as both bricks and mortar of societies.

Highlights women’s quintessential roles. Information gathered from different continents and backgrounds through this online platform captures the essence of conversations from men and women.

Increase the profile of women in society by raising awareness about what they already do in people’s life.

Empowers women and asserts more humane and feminine leadership, a leadership that does not boss people around but allows them to get in touch with and use their own power. READ MORE


We often tell stories on this website about the many good deeds, kindnesses and legacies that women in traditional societies have bequeathed to other women.  Today though we celebrate a modern western woman, born into privilege, who nonetheless has a keen sense of...

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This week people from all over the World have been marking International Women’s Day which took place on the 8th March.   Women and men have been recognising and celebrating the vast achievements of women everywhere, from all walks of life and backgrounds.  They have...

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Thirty-four years ago, five visionary women sat around a kitchen table in Amsterdam and had a dream.  They started the first ever international women’s fund, Mama Cash.  In the 1980’s the scene around them was not conducive to recognising women’s rights or backing...

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There are many, many ways in which women pass on their gifts to others. Today we are highlighting the work of Dr Rama Mani a Research Associate at the Centre for International Studies in Oxford and the founder of The Theatre of Transformation Academy.   Dr Rani is a...

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Rural Women – “The Mainstay of Sustainability”

The United Nations recently celebrated the International Day of Rural Women, when the important role they play was highlighted.  Making up a large proportion of those working in the worldwide agricultural labour force, their central role is often neglected.  They work...

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The world is full of inspirational women, but we do not hear about them often enough. The media seems to be dominated by bad news reports, powerful people and political manoeuvrings.   Now and again, though, one of their stories breaks through into the light and one...

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A contribution to this blog: Here is a brave testimony from one of our contacts. Through becoming seriously ill, Marguerite was driven to gain inner strength and so faced and finally escaped the different cycles of violence she was trapped in. “My name is Marguerite...

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A beautiful song was played at an inspiring event this summer when The Ganda Boys sang “Mama, thank you”, dedicated to all mothers everywhere. Their music echoed around the Peace in the Park Festival at the Brahma Kumaris’ Global Retreat Centre in Oxford, where many...

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